Bluefin Tuna Catch & Release

Charter captains and private sport fishing anglers are invited to join the ATLANTIC TUNA PROJECT dedicated to promoting a culture of catch, tag and release in the recreational fishing community and contributing to the scientific data to further understand the behaviors of the Northern Atlantic bluefin, yellowfin and bigeye tunas. The tags and tag data are requested and sent directly by NOAA's Cooperative Tagging Center located at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center.

Register for your free account here on

Request your free tags from NOAA's Cooperative Tagging Center by email ( or phone (1-800-437-3936).

On your emails please also cc so we can help if needed.

Include your shipping address.  

It can take 2-3 weeks to get your tags.  A starter tag kit comes with five tags and cards.  

You will need a tag stick with the proper head to place tags in tuna. You can make a tag stick or purchase one for ~$60 from most major fishing tackle retailers. We recommend AFTCO's 6 foot tapered tag stick that comes in gold anodized or black finish. Make sure you specify tag sticks with the head code; TS2. The AFTCO code is TSHEAD2SS. Here's an image from the AFTCO Catalogue;

All tagging data is kept with NOAA's Cooperative Tagging Center in Miami Florida. Any data from this program is added to NOAA's databases and used for research. Aggregate reports on participating network boats may be used for reporting, but any individual tag reports and captures are strickly confidential. The sole purpose of this program is to promote catch, tag and release among the angling community and to provide easy access into helping with conservation and research. The more data NOAA has on our great tunas, the more we can protect our fish on the international stages. If you have any questions or concerns about your tags, data usage or any other concerns please email or


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